Mrs Mubarika Mansoor (Principal) is Master of Biology from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. Besides teaching Biology at Secondary level, she also takes care of the administrative- cum -academic issues of college classes.

Mr Sardar Liaqat is the Vice Principal of the college section at Sciential campus as well as the Head of Chemistry Department. He holds Master’s degree in Chemistry, from Peshawar University, with more than ten years of teaching -cum -administrative experience at Secondary and Higher Secondary level.


Ms. Lubna Mahmood is the Headmistress of Cambridge section. She has over 18 years of experience in teaching along with 6 years of administrative experience as Headmistress. She has taught at various schools across Pakistan as well as in London, UK. As an O Level teacher she consistently produced outstanding results.

Mr. Khayyam Iqbal is Head of the Computer Science Department as well as the coordinator for O and A level. He has a professional experience of more than eight years in well -reputed colleges and universities in the private sector.


Ms. Nuzhat is an Urdu teacher with more than twenty years of teaching experience. She holds Master’s degree in Urdu language and is the Head of Urdu Department in the college section of ISSC.

Ms. Farhat Rehman has been a professor of English with more than twenty-five years of teaching experience at college level. At ISSC, she has been working as the Head of English Department in the college section for more than 10 years.


Ms. Kalsoom Abbas has more than thirteen years of teaching experience in Social Studies and Pakistan Studies at SSC and O levels. Presently she is working as the coordinator at SSC & HSSC level.

Ms. Nabila Ayub is Urdu and Islamiat teacher of O Level. She has been serving ISSC for the last eight years.


Ms. Hira Channa holds Master’s degree in History from Quaid-e-Azam University with more than five years of teaching experience. She is Head of Pak Studies Department in the College section.

Mr. Altaf has done MSc in Physics from University of Agriculture Faisalabad He has been teaching Physics at O Level since 2009.


Ms. Farhat Asif Qureshi is a seasoned teacher of English since past 17 years at O Level. She has done MA in English as well as in Urdu from Peshawar University. She is also a Diploma holder in Guidance and Counseling from Bath, UK.

Mr. Ahmed Adeel Khan holds Master’s degree in Mathematics from International Islamic University. He is an experienced Math teacher with more than ten years of teaching experience at SSC & HSSC level.


Ms. Anjum Ghazi is an experienced Urdu teacher with more than ten years of teaching experience at ISSC. During past six years, besides teaching she has also been helping the college management in administration.

Ms. Fehmida Tasleem has been teaching Islamic Studies at college level for more than 20 years . She holds Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies from Punjab University.At ISSC College section, she is working as the Head of Islamic Studies Department, since 2008. She has also been taking O Level classes.


Ms. Asma Jabeen holds Master’s degree in Statistics. She is an experienced teacher with more than three years of teaching experience at SSC & HSSC level.

Mr Muzammil Mehmoob has been associated with the school as the Karate and sports instructor. He received his “Black Belt” in 1985, in the style called Kyokushin Karate. He is very popular amongst his students.


Dr. Naeem Tariq is a psychologist and has been working in ISSC as an Advisor and Educational Counselor for the last ten years.He remained associated with National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-e-Azam University for almost thirty years. He has been Research fellow at Sussex, England (1982-83) and a Fulbright Scholar at Penn State University, USA (1999-2000). He has also been teaching as a visiting professor at Vanier, in Montreal, Canada and served as professor of Psychology at International Islamic University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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