Salient Academic Policies & Features

Professional Development Policy

The development policy of ISSC includes on the job training of teachers and their participation in workshops arranged by different professional organizations from time to time. This also equips the teachers with the modern teaching methodologies along with the strategies and skills to solve different classroom issues. Some of the teachers’ training workshops are arranged on the following topics:

  • English Language Skills
  • Mental Mathematical Skills
  • Science & its Teaching
  • Handling Difficult Students
  • Time Management
  • Classroom Management

On the Job Training

Continued on the job training of the teachers helps in the reorientation of teachers who are to play a key role in the process of education. The curriculum development and the teachers training programs are a regular feature of ISSC at all educational levels. Over the years, a comprehensive child-centered and appropriate syllabi and methodology has been developed which suits best to our socio educational set -up in the country.

Curriculum Development Policy

The syllabi of Middle classes are designed in a way that it can fully cater for the Federal Board System as well as Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). In most of the subjects , Oxford syllabus is the base of the teaching. Special emphasis is given to the conceptual understanding of Mathematics where teaching of D- series Mathematics is introduced . This is not only required in the GCE O levels Mathematics examination but also gives strong base to those who opt for Matric classes. 

Language Policy

Without proficiency in English, students tend to memorize their academic subjects by rote learning and have no real understanding of what they learn in the classroom, and later, they fail to relate or apply their knowledge to their practical life. Therefore, extraordinary emphasis on learning of English language is given at ISSC realizing fully that proficiency in English language is a must for better achievement at all levels of education.

Urdu Language

Special emphasis is given on the teaching of Urdu language as this helps to build in children a kind of affiliation and strong sense of belonging to our cultural roots.


The teaching method at ISSC is innovative, individualized and child centered. Students are well- prepared to show success in examinations as the system prevailing in the country warrants such a training and skill. However, efforts are made that instead of memorizing by rote, students also understand the concepts they are taught. This is achieved at all levels through interesting activities and educational projects which students plan and undertake on their own with the help of their respective teachers.

Remedial Support

The students of mid -term admissions and those weak in English, Urdu or Mathematics are given remedial classes on most of the Saturdays. No extra fee is charged for these classes.

Summer School

A comprehensive and extensive Summer Program is carried out in the month of June / July. The main emphasis is given to the core subjects. Interesting educational activities are planned to make the summer school more interesting.

Teaching Faculty

Qualified and experienced faculty and subject experts have been engaged for teaching as a result of which school and college both are showing excellent output for the last many years now. This could be achieved because of the extraordinary efforts of the teachers who are oriented to pay individual attention to the needs of students.

Ultimate in Education and Personality Development