Admission Policy

The placement in a particular class is decided on the basis of age , academic ability through a short assessment of Urdu , English and Mathematics and availability of the space. Rights of admission are reserved. Continuation of admission in the institution is subject to the following conditions:

  • Satisfactory academic performance
  • Satisfactory conduct / behavior
  • Adequate cooperation of parents
  • Regular payment of tuition fee and other dues

Note: Admissions are offered to both boys and girls without any discrimination.

Vacations / Holidays

ISSC works five days a week for students. However for children appearing in Board / Cambridge exams some times Saturdays are also used for teaching. In such cases parents are intimated in advance through a circular. Moreover, some students also come on Saturdays for Remedial Classes. ISSC observes following vacations and holidays:

Spring Holidays: About ten to fifteen days at the end of March.

Summer Holidays: About ten weeks in June, July & August.

Winter Holidays: About ten to fifteen days at the end of December.

Local Holidays: As announced by the Government.

Eid & Gazetted Holidays: As announced by the Government and local Administration


  1. All holidays are notified in advance.
  2. Students appearing in Board exams are given only four weeks as summer holidays.

Complaints Policy

ISSC is committed to providing a high quality service to every family we deal with. Attention is paid to all the complaints, treating them seriously and learning from them so that we can continuously improve our institution.

Zero Tolerance Policy

ISSC follows zero tolerance policy as far as violence and aggression are concerned. All efforts are made to remain sympathetic and considerate towards all the issues raised by the parents. However, aggression towards any of the staff members is not tolerated at all. Therefore, the parents and wards are requested to remain calm and respectful to get more and more cooperation from the staff members and administration of ISSC.

Health & Safety Policy

  • Every employee of ISSC works for a successful implementation of Health Policy. Some of the focal points are given below:
  • The students are encouraged to bring drinking water in bottles and homemade lunch. However eatables & bottled water are also available in Kool Korner , a tuck shop situated in the premises . The water in the electric coolers is also filtered.
  • Sick children, particularly those suffering from contagious disease, are NOT allowed to attend the school/ college.
  • Children with “hair lice & nits” are NOT allowed to attend the classes till they are declared absolutely free of them.
  • The underground water tank and the overhead water tank are annually cleaned. Usually it is done in holidays before the reopening.
  • A first aid box is maintained all the time at the campus.
  • The administration is not allowed to administer any medicine to any student other than analgesic ( for pain relief) and antipyretic (fever control) available in the “First Aid Box”.
  • All other medicines are given only with the written consent of the parents.
  • In case parents want the office to administer some antibiotic or some medicine, a written request is required along with the name of the medicine and the medicine itself. This written request and the medicine has to be sent to the Head of the Institution who makes someone responsible for administering the medicine with the help of the class teacher.



  •  In case of emergency (unexpected injury), the student is immediately given the first aid.
  • The child may be taken to the nearest hospital, in case the need be (with the permission of the Principal or the In-charge).
  • Parents are immediately informed and are asked to reach the hospital, at the earliest possible time .
  • In case of an injury the duty teacher submits a report to make sure that it was an accident.
  • In case this is the due to some fight, following steps are taken:
  • A written report is prepared by the duty teacher and is submitted to the Principal.
  • The Principal hands it over to the disciplinary committee to fix the responsibility.
  • The Principal him/herself or through some nominee, ensures the implementation of the consequences to the offender which can be fine, suspension or both.


Tobacco & Drugs

  • The Campus is a “tobacco and drug” free area. In case a student is caught with a cigarette, drug or any other item which is banned (see the list of banned items), severe action is taken against him/ her (see the relevant rules).
  • In case of any employee being a smoker, he/she has to go out of the campus premises to smoke, preferably at a place, which is not in the sight of the students.
  • Students are given reading material against use of tobacco. They also attend a compulsory workshop related to effects of tobacco on health.


Payment of Fee / Dues

The dues are to be cleared by or before the 10th of the   month or by the date written on the challan form issued to them. It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the office in case the challan form is not received for any reason what so ever. Other rules and regulations are listed in the following section:

  • Advance Payment of Dues: All the dues are charged in advance. Normally the fee is charged for two months together for all classes except for O and A Levels and College section where it is charged quarterly. The fee for the summer vacation (June, July & August) is charged in advance.
  • Payment by Secondary and College Students: For class 10 and second year (Intermediate) the tuition fee is charged till the month of July. The first year (Intermediate students) pay the tuition fee from August onward.
  • Fine for Late Fee: Late fee fine is charged if the dues are not paid within the due date.
  • Notification / Reminders for Outstanding Dues: The administration is not responsible to notify or issue any reminders to the students regarding the   non-payment of dues in time.
  • Revised Fee and Other Charges: The tuition fee and other charges may be revised according to the financial exigencies, without any prior notice.
  • Non-payment of Dues : In case of non- payment of any outstanding dues for consecutive two months the institution has the right to strike off the name of the student from the roll without any notice.
  • Re-admission: In case of re-admission the requisite admission fee is to be paid in full.


Refund Policy

  • Fee and other charges once paid are not refundable. However, the security is refunded only if all other conditions are fulfilled and rules and regulations have been followed.
  • Admission security and lab security is refunded only when the clearance is obtained from accounts section, library, sports section and different Labs.
  • Any such refund has to be applied, in writing, within thirty days after leaving the institution.


Students Conduct in the School /College

  • Punctuality: Latecomers are fined and disciplinary action is taken against habitual late comers.
  • Uniform: The prescribed uniform is to be strictly observed. Girls are not supposed to wear any make-up or jewelry. They can only wear earrings of small size or studs and a black hair band. Boys are expected to have short haircut. Both girls and boys are required to have trimmed nails.
  • Prohibited Items: Mobile telephones, audio / video equipment of any sort, chewing gums, cigarettes, match boxes , cigarette lighter , tobacco, “siparri” ink-pots , steel foot ruler , and undesirable literature of any kind are strictly prohibited at campus (Please enquire from the administration about the penalties and disciplinary action on violation of these rules).
  • Damage to Campus Property or Lab equipment : The damage caused is recovered from the students through appropriate amount of fine.
  • Leaving Campus: Students are not allowed to leave the campus during working hours without written permission of the head of the institution.
  • Societies and Club: Students are not allowed to make any society / club / organization other than those arranged by the administration.
  • Unsatisfactory Academic Performance: Students showing consistent unsatisfactory academic performance are likely to be either demoted or asked to leave the institution.
  • Missing Classes / Tests / Assignments: Missing classes, tests and assignments is not permitted at all. One week absence without any notice can lead to strict disciplinary action.
  • Misconduct: Students guilty of misconduct / indulging in indecent or abusive language / involving in physical fight /creating any disciplinary situation or / and prompting others for any undesirable activity are punished with fine, or suspension .At times they are asked to leave the institution.
  • Cooperation of Parents: In case of disciplinary matters, the administration has the right to withdraw / terminate the admission. However, sufficient time is given to the child to improve his/ her conduct. Unconditional cooperation of parents is expected in such cases.
  • Responsibility of Students and Parents: It is the responsibility of the students and their parents to keep themselves fully informed / updated regarding the rules and regulations of the institution conveyed / notified through periodical notices/ circulars.


Issuing of Documents/Certificates

  • Documents or / and Certificates of different sorts are issued / released only when all dues are cleared.
  • Character Certificate is given only when a student shows proper discipline and conduct.
  • Similarly, admission documents for the Board / University exams are forwarded if all the dues are cleared for the whole session. An advance written notice of at least 3 (three) working days   is required for the issuance of any document.


Leaving Certificate (LC)

For Classes up to Matric / O’ & A’ Level

  • At least 30 days advance written request is required for issuance of LC (fee is applicable).
  • Under extraordinary circumstances, an application along with the urgent fee equal to one month’s tuition fee, is required for the issuance of LC ( in minimum of 3 working days ).
  • Full fee is charged for the term in which the withdrawal / migration of a student is made due to any reason.
  • A student desirous of leaving the institution after the first term will have to pay the dues till the month of July, which is the last month of the term.


For College Classes

  • Full fee is charged for the session in which the withdrawal / migration of a student is made due to any reason what so ever.
  • LC must be obtained within thirty days after leaving the institution.


Change in Personal Record of a student

  • In case parents need to make any change in the personal record of their child, they need to apply in writing, along with the fee, as per rules.
  • Every change desired by parents has to be supported by sufficient documentary proofs such as previous school record, original birth certificate, affidavit and Form B etc.
  • In case of a change in date of birth, the record of first and the previous school (if any) has to be corrected and its proof submitted before any action can be taken.
  • Any such change in the document is to be approved by the president of BOG or his / her nominee.
  • In case of insufficient documentary proofs, the request maybe be turned down. In such cases, no refund in the fee is made.


Guidelines for Parents / Guardian

  • Parents are expected to remain well informed and updated on the Rules and Regulations of the Institution.
  • Parents are expected to inform the office in case the student is absent.
  • One week absence without any written notice may lead to strict disciplinary action.
  • Parents are expected to attend Parent-teacher Meetings (PTM) whenever arranged.
  • They are required to cooperate with the administration in different matters such as discipline, uniform, and behavior.
  • Punctuality and regularity in attendance are to be ensured by respective parents.
  • Parents should avoid sending students suffering from contagious or transferable disease.
  • Students with hair lice will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • Parents should not approach teachers directly. Complaints, if any, must be made to the administration.
  • Parents should seek an appointment in case a meeting with a teacher / Principal is desired.
  • Parents are not allowed to visit classrooms and academic blocks during working hours.
  • Parents are expected to sign and acknowledge all notices, rules & regulations sent by the administration.
  • Parents should ensure timely payment of all dues as per instructions.
  • In section, the daily diary of the student should be signed by the parents/guardian. They should help the student in completing the homework.
  • Disrespectful behavior by parents or students towards any member of the staff will not be tolerated.


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