Computer and Science Labs

Fully equipped science labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology meet the required standards of Federal Board Syllabus and that of O and A Level classes. Primary and Secondary school students also use these labs for observations, experiments and understanding of concepts. The students also have an access to a well equipped computers Lab, with C2D CPUs and LCDs .

Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships (namely Safia Rashid Scholarship) are available for students of Secondary and Higher Secondary classes on the basis of extra ordinary academic performance.

Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM)

Parent and Teachers’ Meetings are regularly arranged and given much importance. Though the parents are encouraged to be constantly in touch with the teachers and the Principal regarding the progress of their children, yet the formal meetings are arranged before and after term exams and autumn tests. Parents are encouraged to view the papers of their children and discuss their problems and difficulties with the teachers. Parents may also ask for a special meeting with the subject teachers, Principal or Academic Advisor. However, such a meeting is arranged only with prior appointment.

Guidance and Counseling

Qualified psychologists and educational counselors provide guidance and counseling to the students and parents. This helps children to overcome their problems and worries, find clear direction, set reasonable goals and target high achievements in life. Individual meetings with the Academic Advisor, Educational Counselor and Counseling Psychologist are arranged with prior appointment only.

Educational Psychologists

Educational Psychologists are associated with ISSC for the development of curriculum and teachers’ training programs. They are also the members of BOG and advise ISSC on administrative and academic matters.

Central Library

Library has been fully refurbished with a variety of books on different subjects. Students are encouraged to use the library regularly. There is a compulsory library period once a week in which children are expected to select a book of their own choice and read it. This helps in developing good reading habit amongst the children. A trained librarian is always there to help / guide children in the selection of books.

Class Library

A unique system of “Class Library” has been maintained in the school section where students keep and read books on mutual exchange basis.

Safe Environment

Unauthorized persons are not allowed to enter the school premises. All the visitors have to show their identity and get registered with the security staff appointed at the guardroom. Similarly, parents or other family members cannot visit a classroom or meet any student or teacher directly. This is considered absolutely important not only for the security and safety of the students but also for an uninterrupted effective learning process in the classroom.

First Aid arrangements

A first aid box is maintained to meet the requirements of minor ailments/ problems that may occur during the school time.

Fire Alarm & Fire Extinguishers

Fire alarms and fire extinguishers are installed at different important places and are regularly upgraded and inspected by the designated authority. Emergency numbers are also displayed at various places.

Book Shop

Bookshop provides course books, notebooks, stationery, uniform and school badges on competitive rates.

Kool Korner

Snacks, tea, juices and soft drinks are available at the Kool Korner where efforts are made to ensure the basic hygiene and cleanliness.


Snacks, tea, juices and soft drinks are available in the Canteen where efforts are made to ensure the basic hygiene and cleanliness.


Transport facilities are provided on the request of parents through private transporters.


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