Co-Curricular Activities

Pro-social and Altruistic Activities

Students are involved in different altruistic activities and are sensitized about the value of supporting elderly, sick people, the poor and physically challenged children and their families. The participation of children in the relief work for the affected community of earthquake 2005 and devastating floods in 2004, 2010 and 2014 was indeed a source of pride for the institution and an opportunity for the youth to learn pro-social behavior.

Games and Sports

Following games and sports are arranged, at ISSC, on regular basis:

  • Karate Kyokushin and Physical Training (Belt award ceremonies are also held)
  • Table Tennis, Badminton and Basket Ball
  • Cricket and Football Matches at inter class and inter school / college level.
  • Sports Day to conclude all the matches and athletics.
  • Participation in the Inter schools & Inter college competitions


Interaction with the Social Environment

Visits to professional institutions and organizations and having a dialogue with successful and famous persons are the regular activities for students. Frequent visits are arranged to places of educational significance like bank, post office, television and radio station, etc. The visits to historical places and museums are arranged to make children aware of our history and cultural legacy. Trips to rural side of the capital give children a feel what a village life is like. Hiking on Marghallah Hills, participation in TV Programs and competitions arranged by different NGOs give immense joy and learning opportunities to our students.

Students Council

In order to develop leadership qualities amongst students, the Students’ Council functions at ISSC having following positions:

  • Class Prefects (one girl and one boy from each section)
  • Junior Head Girl and a Junior Head Boy (students of class 5th ) for Primary section
  • Girl Head Prefect and a Boy Head Prefect (one each from class 9th , 10th , O-1 , O -11 & 1st Year)
  • Head Girl and Head Boy (from Second year or A II)
  • Class Rep of O Level 


Annual Competitions

Annual competitions and ceremonies are held for different classes so that each student has an opportunity to show his / her potential and take part in co-curricular activities. Some of the activities are listed below:

  • Art Activity & Painting
  • Essay and Poetry Writing (Urdu and English both )
  • Project Exhibition, Sports Day / Karate Belt Award  Ceremony
  • Quick Click Mathematics
  • Reading Skills ( both Urdu & English)
  • Spelling Tests
  • Story and Rhyme Writing
  • Urdu and English Handwriting
  • Science Projects
  • Sandwich and Salad making
  • Flower Arrangement Competition


Celebrations & Visits

Celebration of important days such as:

  • Independence Day
  • Quaid-e-Azam Day
  • Iqbal Day
  • Kashmir Day


Educational Trips of all classes are arranged to places like the following:

  • Local Recreational Places
  • National Library, Post office, Faisal Mosque, Church & Rescue 15
  • Museum of Natural History & Lok Virsa,
  • Greenhouses & Saidpur Village
  • Radio Station


Student’s Week

Following competitions are held during the Students’ week which is usually held in October:

  • Drama Festival
  • Husn-e-Qirrat
  • Naat Khawani
  • English Debates
  • Urdu Debates
  • Singing ( solo and chorus) of folk and national songs
  • Quiz (General Knowledge on current issues & science)


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